Written circa late 1996 by Terence Micharoni

I’ve been into American politics since I was a kid in 1988. That year George Bush was running against Michael Dukakis, and I didn’t know the difference between a Republican and a Democrat. I had asked my Mom a couple of times, but never got a straight answer (or one that I understood).

By September, I was a Sophomore in New Dorp High School, and my history teacher explained in plain English what the difference was (and what Bush and Dukakis stood for). I couldn’t believe it! I agreed with Bush and the Republicans on 100% of the issues! I was quite glad to see him win that year.

I voted for the first time in 1992 (to re-elect Bush, of course). Well, it seems most people thought otherwise, and didn’t care that they were electing a draft-dodging, womanizing, liar to be our next President. I was devastated that one of my heroes lost, and counted the days until 1996.

Since then, I’ve supported a bunch of very conservative right-wing Republicans. In 1994 I was extremely excited about Col. Oliver North. While I was thrilled that the Republicans took the House and Senate, I couldn’t help crying over North’s loss. This year I was on the Pat Buchanan campaign as a volunteer. I like Pat a lot, along with two others who tried and failed to get the nomination: Alan Keyes and Rep. Bob Dornan.

While these three lost their bid to get the nomination, I admired Sen. Bob Dole as well, so I wasn’t too upset. Things looked good when the anti-abortion plank remained in the Republican platform (despite protests from a few self-hating Republicans who wanted it removed), and when Dole picked Jack Kemp to be his running mate. Down in the state of LA, ultra-conservative Woody Jenkins was the Republican running for the Senate.

Well, Election Day 1996 is over. Dole lost, Jenkins was cheated by voter fraud (along with Dornan), and we lost about 10 seats in the House. Sure, we picked up two seats in the Senate, and my favorite politician (Sen. Jesse Helms) was re-elected, but why do the guys I am really excited about always have to lose?

Also, while we Republicans are the majority in the House and Senate, most seem to stand for nothing, want to work with Slick Willie, and are almost as bad as the Democrats. At least when the Republicans were in the minority, they stood up for what they believe in, instead of doing nothing to stop illegal immigration and affirmative action, supporting a big-government budget, a bad chemical weapons treaty, the expansion of NATO that could lead us into World War III, supporting Most Favored Nation for Communist China, a $1.10 a pack cigarette tax, and other stupid liberal things that Clinton supports.

It’s time for new leadership. I nominate Helen Chenoweth for House Speaker and Jesse Helms for Senate Majority Leader. Combine that with a President Pat Buchanan next election and Oliver North for Sec. Of Defense and then you’ll see how great things will get.

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