2600 Connection

Back in the early 90's, I found out about Tim's newsletter, The 2600 Connection. I loved it so much I started collecting classic games like crazy, subscribed to every classic newsletter I knew of, and bought an Atari 1040 STe computer and printer just so I could publish Zap!, my own classic newsletter. Check out my old friend Tim's page and subscribe to his newsletter (which is still in print!). It'll bring back loads of memories.

Atari Age

Absolutely awesome classic gaming site owned by the two Als, with tons of info, rarity guides, and great forums with over 1.6 million posts.

I just found out about this place, which deals primarily with prototypes. So much can be learned here, this site is amazing.

Buy Sell Video Games | Game Auctions |

The best and largest (by far) video game auction site on the web. Skip eBay and buy/sell the games here.

 Compare PS3 Deals

Price comparison site providing the best and latest Playstation 3 bundle prices and deals in the UK.

 Digital Press

Digital Press is owned by fellow early 90's fanzine editor Joe Santulli, and has tons of info and price guides, not to mention a great forum board on which I have over 1,000 posts. His fanzine is still going strong to this day. Check them out!

Amazing all-Intellivision site, filled with tons of info.

Stone Age Gamer - Gaming de-evolved

Cool company that deals in selling classic games. I bought a Great Basketball prototype for the Atari 2600 and recieved it in just a couple of days. It came in a large box to insure the game would not be crushed. A+++!

tsr's NES archive

This is one of my favorite gaming sites. It's dedicated only to the NES, which in my opinion is the greatest video game system ever made. Has instruction manuals, hints, rare NES games, and much more. A must see for NES fans!

Video Games, Antiques, Toys, and MORE!!!!

Great place to buy used and NOS games. Has quite a few sealed NES games. Fast shipping.

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