These are all the video game systems, computers, games, and gaming-related misc. items I own. I really don't want to sell or trade any of them, but if you're interested (or have a comment on something(s) in the listing) in anything here, it won't hurt to e-mail me. After all, the worst I can say is no, right? :) I also may be interested in anything I don't have (especially things similar to those in the misc. section and instructions and boxes I'm missing). By the way, I especially put a load of work and comments in the misc. section, so be sure to check that one out most of all.

Atari 2600 Atari 5200 Atari 7800 Fairchild Channel F Magnavox Odyssey 2 GCE Vectrex Mattel Intellivision Colecovision Nintendo Entertainment System Sega Master System Action Max Sega Genesis NEC Turbo Grafx 16 Super NES SNK Neo-Geo Atari Lynx Nintendo Gameboy Atari Jaguar 3DO Sega Saturn Sony Playstation Nintendo 64 Atari XE Game System Atari ST IBM PC Misc. Gaming Stuff

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