New "old style" tabletop arcades

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New "old style" tabletop arcades

Post by TwinChargers »

Saw that Sears has a few classic arcade systems on there website. Have both a Space Invaders and a Frogger system. Can't say I've seen them firsthand, but they look pretty cool online. ... e&sLevel=0
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Re: New "old style" tabletop arcades

Post by Darryl B. »

Yeah those have been around for years, don't know if they're any good or not.

One thing I DO know (as I noticed it on that same page) is that the Excaliber Space Invaders sucks. Big invaders, only one player, too easy and boring, don't bother with it unless you're just a hardcore collector (I'm a bit of a "bottom of the screen" shooter nut myself, but even *I* don't want that piece of junk!). My sister's kid has it, so yeah, I've played it. Bleah!


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Re: New "old style" tabletop arcades

Post by Zap! »

I'll probably add a couple to my collection. Seems a tad pricey. Anyone remember how much the Coleco originals were in 1982?
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