Gp2x Wiz Handheld

Handhelds that accept media, such as the Game Boy, Vectrex, PSP, etc.
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Gp2x Wiz Handheld

Post by Zap! »

Anyone have this? It's expensive, but with the ability to play pretty much any older system via emulators, it pays for itself in my opinion. Here it is, for $149.99. ... 3AodTVC-GA

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Re: Gp2x Wiz Handheld

Post by Rob »

I'm seriously thinking about getting one myself. AFAIK this is the one that can plug into your TV via RCA output?

One thing that has kept me from buying one of these linux/dingoo type portables is that I'm absolutely daft with the current emulator scene. I have a ton of emulators I burned for the Dreamcast, which is pretty simple, but trying to configure the newer versions of MESS and MAME I find next to impossible.

My goal is to get one of these so I can download MAME and MESS, which means I would have an emulator for nearly all the arcade games, consoles and computers that ever existed. Think about that- a dedicated console that can play every system ever released...

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