7 NEW videos! Something for everyone! 900 Subscribers now!

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7 NEW videos! Something for everyone! 900 Subscribers now!

Post by MaximumRD »

Heh well I always catch up eventually! Got off my lazy but, here ya go something for everyone! PLEASE check'em out, comment, leave feedback and most of all enjoy!

I AM IRON MAN! LOL! Thanks for the IDEA Gigafide!

Make your own HERE:
This was suggested originally by GIGAFIDE
Cool Websites: Awesome Webcam Games


OMG! Finally a cool pickup! Well maybe...........
OK I never find anything worthwhile in thrifts stores here, turnover is just to small in this city. Yesterday though I found this game at Value Village for just $4.99 in inedible complete condition, I know nothing of the game or the company that made it but I figured it was worth a shot just to add to my collection lol! Please have a look and tell me what you think of this title, is it good or crap? Thanks.

Recent pickup - checking out and discussing a new accessory.
Just received this morning, a little item for a classic console, a device which adds some new features. Also I talk about similar such devices. Have a look to see what I am talking about! Comment and rate please! !!!!! VERY SORRY FOR THE SOUND ISSUES LATELY, my cheap little HD cam seems to be on it's last legs but I am in no position to replace it at the moment.

RESPONSE to Jboypacman 16 bit Era.
My response to jboypacman's open tag: The 16-Bit Era of Video Gaming.
Check out jboypacmn's channel HERE:

Simply go here in your browser:
You may be prompted to download install the UnityWebPlayer.
Then have fun enjoying some free TRON - like GAMEPLAY!
Yes I just wanted to show a couple minutes so I DID allow myself to get
killed couple times so you could see that to lol!
Played in Firefox 3.6.3 but seemed fine in IE8 also.
Stumbled across this and had to share! PLEASE Comment/Rate/Subscribe.

911BONEZ Contest Entry - Favourite NES game.
Just a really quick entry to 911BONEZ Contest # 2.
A Nice guy and fellow Canuck, check out this guy!

THANKS EVERYONE! 900 Subscribers!
OK not exactly but VERY close! Sitting at 894 as I type this so just wanted to do this quick THANK YOU and let you all know how much you are appreciated! Nothing special or flashy but still THANKS AGAIN!
Oldshool gaming, some people will never "Get it"
Check out my Classic Gaming Videos: RATE ! COMMENT!

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Re: 7 NEW videos! Something for everyone! 900 Subscribers no

Post by Rob »

Great vids Rob!

Low G Man really frustrated me as a kid. I bought it thinking I would like it, but I just hated it for some reason. I can't remember now why it bothered me, but I was severely upset that I had blown my birthday money on it.

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