The House Of the Rising Sun (Atari ST)

Who says a game has to be from a commercial company to be good? For those with an anti-corporate leaning, there's nothing like a game from an amateur programmer, especially long after the system has been supported.

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The House Of the Rising Sun (Atari ST)

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This was an amazing PD/Shareware game that had an R-rated theme. I used to play it all the time around '94. At the time, my nephew (who is only 10 years younger then me, so we were like 11 and 21) always used to watch me play video games. I had to throw him out whenever I wanted to play this game though, or my sister would have had a fit! :)

So, does anyone remember it, and if yes, did you beat it? It even had the "House Of the Rising Sun" theme! I had no idea it was an actual song (The Animals) until years later!

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