Heavy spoilers: Were any Phantasmagoria alternate endings planned?

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Heavy spoilers: Were any Phantasmagoria alternate endings planned?

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After the final act in Phantasmagoria, the ending is, well, rather lackluster. All Adrienne does is walk out of the house. It shows her slowly walking (presumably toward her car) with a tranced look on her face for about 15 seconds, and then we're greeted with a cool song and the ending credits. That's it. So, was a longer ending either planned or perhaps even filmed and cut? Since the game was delayed multiple times, maybe Roberta Williams wanted to do a longer ending but didn't want to delay it any more than it already was?

Another thing is that there are so many ways to get to the end, yet only one ending. You can take shortcuts in Chapter 7, and completely miss several scenes. Doesn't matter in the end though, so this leads me to believe that alternate endings were at least planned. Finally, was there ever a plan to save Don? It just seems sad since the craziness wasn't really his fault, since he was possessed by the demons that were released accidently.
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