Issue #4- General observations

Zap! was a fanzine I ran from 1991 to 1993, for a total of eight issues. What was your favorite issue? Looking to buy the entire set?

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Issue #4- General observations

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Wow, it's been a long time coming for this review. I was initially going to post two or three reviews back to back covering the whole series of Zap! issues, but unforeseen problems left me unable to post anything until now. I'll try to get the rest of the reviews written.

Zap! #4- Mar/Apr 1992

Heh, I had just turned ten. :)

Cool graphics there on the front, Ter. How did you program the Pac Man and Ghost layout there?

Re: Letter from James Hague, Plano TX
Thanks for sending me a copy of ZAP! Unfortunately, I'm not going to subscribe, partially because I already subscribe to too many fanzines...
What an ass!

Here's what you should have written, Ter:
Thanks for sending me a letter. Unfortunately, I'm not going to read it, partially because I already receive too many letters, and partially because you're a dick.

RE: 2600 vs. Odyssey 2

You know, I agree that the 2600 was the superior system. However, I spent a lot of time (I'd say possibly more time) playing the O2 as a kid. Why? The ratio of crap games to gold games on the O2 was way more balanced on the o2 than the 2600. See, I came around at a time when nobody rented the 2600 or O2 games, and my gamer mag collection wasn't as archive intensive as it is now, so when I went to the flea market every week and only had enough cash to get one old Odyssey game or one old 2600 game, I had to choose wisely. Almiost every game I picked on the 2600 sucked, or had little replay value. I ended up always getting an Odyssey game, because I rarely picked that bad of a game for that system.

I think the graphics, though not as colorful as the 2600, were fluid in a way that was lacking on the Atari. The games, though for the most part simple, seemed to have a more intuitive feel over their VCS counterparts. I don't recall ever having to break out the instruction book for most O2 games like I did with the Atari.

I also liked the joysticks on the O2 more. I know that it's travesty, but I just never cared much for the regular Atari stick. The O2 just feels nice in the hand, and the stick is ultra responsive. Minus a few points for being hardwired, though.

Another reason I liked the O2 over the 2600- it was an underdog system. Most kids I knew never even saw one, let alone owned one before. That gave me a little edge in the "I have cool stuff that you don't" category.

Re: Atari drops the 2600/7800
I just read in the Mar/Apr issue of The 2600 connection that as of Christmas '91 Atari discontinued the 2600 after 14 years and the 7800 after 5 years.
I remember hearing that at the same time and thinking "Atari still makes the 2600 and the 7800?!?" The only system I remember seeing in the stores by them at that time was the XE console which had already been discontinued, and the Lynx which I only ever saw at Sears.

I now have 18 systems and 2 computers!
Meh. Amateur. :rofl2:

Overall, good issue. :2_thumbs_up:

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