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Rumor: Nintendo Considering Wii U Name Change

Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2012 12:59 am
by Zap!
The Wii U has been the subject of much debate, mostly about graphics and playability. However, an interesting idea has come to mind: the name of the Wii U system should be changed to break any idea of commonality between the new system and the original Wii. After the failure of the DSi, Nintendo is very wary of creating copies, as people don’t feel a strong urge to buy them. As Nintendo has had a rough year, they can’t afford to put out a bum system. This name change, if put into effect, would be a signal that the Wii U is not meant to simply be a newer version of the Wii, and actually meant to incorporate new ideas and means of gameplay! What do you think the Wii U’s name will be changed to? -Ryan Baxter ... me-change/