Huge Commodore lot - all for free!

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Huge Commodore lot - all for free!

Postby Zap! » Tue Apr 10, 2012 3:37 am

I never got around to posting this, but I finally put everything out and took the pics, so here's the story. Twice a year, there is a huge flea market in Englishtown, NJ called the Englishtown Swap Meet. It is over a three day span, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and the size of several football fields. It is almost always in April and September (although this year it is in May), and is about 75% car-related. That other 25% can be anything, however. From knives to clothes to tools to food, it's all here.

Flashback to last April. I went there on a Sunday, pretty late. Well, that day I found out a secret many there already know. When vendors are going home on the last day, many just leave their stuff behind. I walked past a pile of Commodore stuff, with no one next to it. I asked the next vendor, and he said it was whoever wants it. Now, I was by myself. I already had a bought a circular saw for just $20 or so, but didn't have much else. Well, I somehow managed to carry it all on the long walk back to my car, balancing things on top of other things, trying not to drop anything!

Anyway, the Commodore lot is pictured above. It is a 128 computer, three cases of disks, a disk drive, a few old Atari controllers, and several manuals. I didn't try it out yet, as I need a power cord for the DD, and need a monitor. But for free? I just can't beat that. I'm no Commodore expert (I was an Atarian), so let me know if you guys are familiar with anything!

I am also anxiously awaiting for the next one this May. Who knows what I'll find this time! :atari-logo:

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Re: Huge Commodore lot - all for free!

Postby Darryl B. » Tue Apr 10, 2012 10:23 am

Nice, chief! Lotta good stuff for the C64.