Nice to join this crew :)

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Nice to join this crew :)

Postby Darryl B. » Sun Aug 28, 2011 8:00 pm

With my car being out of commission for a while, I can't really get to resale shops that often. So, it was nice to be able to hit a jackpot last month when I went to a local place. Take a look!

*Three Sega Genesis'
*Three Genesis controllers
*Sega Genesis RF box (out wire to tv cut though but it could still work through the Antenna setting)
*Madden 96 Genesis game
*IMG International Tour Tennis Genesis game
*Sony PlayStation PSP ac adapter
*Some common computer cable thing that I can't think up the name
*Some AC adapter
*Motorola ac adapter
*some Ericsson power supply with a really odd plug in module, or it's possibly stripped
*Some THING I don't know what it is; looks to be like a part of some plastic keychain with a couple of critters on it; I assume this is some game merchandise I'm not familiar with, as the words of Chinoin (maybe the company name?), Koptin and troferit just pop up as drugs when doing online searches with these words [o...k])
*Targus carrying case of some sort (they make cases for laptops and all)

So, I got all of the above for $20 :)

Wow, the idiot who sold me all of that should've done some research on the above, as those Targus cases run from $20-140 APIECE. I'm in the process of selling two of the Genesis' (I'm keeping the third :) ) and the RF box. I know they power on but as for what extent they work I don't know, since I don't have an extra cable to run it through the Antenna setting. I have the original Genesis, which has a different RF box. BUT, I have the 32X and it's power supply, which works with the second model Genesis (which is what these two are). I plugged it in, plugged in Sonic and turned it on and it powers on. Hopefully they both work. I've totally cleaned up one inside and out (used a mini-vac to suck up a bunch of crap inside) and have run the a cartridge cleaner through it three times and will clean the other soon. Because the original Genny model powered on, but I got no picture or audio. I then ran the cartridge cleaner through it. The demo started up, then froze. I ran the cleaner through it again, the demo ran longer, started a game of Sonic and went through some of it so I figure it works. Hopefully the other two work as well, as the ex-owner was stupid, thought he'd sell "non-working" stuff for cash and I'm ending up getting ahead of the deal by getting more money back in the process, and I'm not even selling the stuff for much, since it's all common (the two Gennies and RF box are $11 plus whatever shipping is).

Ha ha. Ka-ching!