New Website for Gamers launches Invitation for Early Beta

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New Website for Gamers launches Invitation for Early Beta

Postby GameSeeker » Fri Dec 05, 2014 11:49 am

Game Seeker Online is currently looking for gamers of all types to participate in their beta launch providing valuable feedback and usage data. We are an online service that is dedicated to the players. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive website that will address all the needs for gamers ranging from the casual gamer that may play once or twice a week to the aspiring or professional eSports player.
Game Seeker Online is going to change the way online gamers find teammates, teams, services (i.e. logo design, LAN events, team managers, etc.), and sponsors. We will have a revolutionary player matching service that will allow players to quickly and efficiently find other players that match their party’s needs. You will be able to select from a large set of criteria that is customizable and ever changing to adapt to the constant release of gaming titles and the challenges that all players meet. For the casual and avid gamer, you will be able to form your team in real time using quality search tools, aggregated data and instant messaging then easily transition to the game of your choice. The more serious players can utilize more comprehensive research system to ensure the player they are recruiting for their team fits their needs and shares their goals and values. No more searching for hours to form a group or raid only to find people that aren’t the same caliber or don’t know their roles in the group.

Our website will host four unique and customizable profiles for users to create and utilize. The profiles will include ones for a player, teams, service providers (such as graphic designers for team logos or developers for team websites), and a profile for industry sponsors so they may outline exactly what they are looking for in a professional team and will allow the individual teams to submit their (team) profiles as a resume.
We are looking to give every gamer the opportunity to find the right teammates for their favorite games. This will enhance the overall gaming experience for all and enable the building of a more cohesive online gaming community. Whether you’re the casual online gamer who’s just looking for a quality pick-up game or you’re the aspiring professional that has strict criteria in order to build your top tier team. Game Seeker Online will give all users the ability to realize their full potential and achieve their goals.

If you want to be a part of building the future of gaming and eSports, visit our website and sign up for early access to beta at:

Questions, comments, feedback? Let us know on Twitter: @Game_Seeker

The games we have listed are just an example of the top games; we plan to support all that you do.

Game Seeker Online is also looking for eSports Teams and Companies to partner with, just follow us on Twitter and let us know to get more details!