Calling all Vectrex Owners - Reproduction Overlays Survey

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Calling all Vectrex Owners - Reproduction Overlays Survey

Postby VectrexMad! » Mon May 18, 2009 9:37 pm

Some enthusiasts at the newsgroup are considering a non profit venture to get Vectrex overlays professionally made. To begin with it is envisaged that only four different overlays will be manufactured. To see if there is sufficient interest/demand to make this project viable, please would you take the time to reply to this topic or email survey(at) - replace (at) with @ - with an answer to the following:

1) Please respond with up to eight Vectrex game names (four minimum) for overlays you would most like to see reproduced (overlay suggestions can be for either original or homebrew games). For more than one overlay wish, please put your choices starting with the most wanted first.

This survey will close on the 6th day of June.