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From the Sega/Sonic Fandom

Posted: Thu Jan 28, 2010 12:50 pm
by BaronSFel001
I grew up with Sega and have never loved any other gaming company as much as Sega. I am one of those types: Master System pwns the NES and Saturn pwns the Playstation (and I find it hard to forgive Nintendo and Sony for what they did to Sega in the past). I am listening to "You Can Do Anything" as I type this. Sonic has always been my favorite, of course, but I have since come to appreciate just how masterful Sega development in general turned out to be (from 1966 to 2003, at least). No one has truly been a gamer if they have never played Sega.

I also enjoy releases from LucasArts, Microprose, Apogee Software, id Software, and my Trekkie status translated itself well onto the gaming scene. I am only a hardcore gamer as far as classics (pre-2003) are concerned. I am also interested in general media such as manuals, hint books, and magazines. Hopefully we can all help each other in some way, which is part of the reason I have chosen to join this community.

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Re: From the Sega/Sonic Fandom

Posted: Thu Jan 28, 2010 9:14 pm
by Zap!
I'm so glad you joined. Hopefully I can help you any way I can! BTW, congratulations on being our 100th member!

Re: From the Sega/Sonic Fandom

Posted: Tue Feb 02, 2010 1:24 am
by Rob
Welcome to the forums! I'm not the biggest Sega fanboy, but I respect everything they did as a company. Their Dreamcast is what actually got me back into gaming after I had abandoned videogames in general during my early teens. It's still my favorite system of the last fifteen years.