Atari 2600 Air Raid box found?

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Re: Atari 2600 Air Raid box found?

Postby Zap! » Sun Mar 25, 2012 3:21 am

Well, a few months back on eBay a guy sold a loose Air Raid. He claimed to have bought it new in the early 80's. I asked him the following question:

Zap! wrote:Dear *****,

Hello, I am the owner of, and would like to ask you a question about your game. I know it's been a long time, but to the very best of your knowledge, do you remember what the box looked like at all? Two years ago one surfaced on Atari Age and then sold on eBay for $33,000 or so. Many today believe it is an elaborate hoax. Here is a picture of the box:

Thank you for your help,
Zap! Classic Video Games owner

His responded and said:

Dear *****,

I covered this back on atariage during the auction. It was a long time ago, but the box looks very familiar. I remember having a game box with a rainbow on the top. I also remember the plastic insert that the game was in because I had the insert for years after the box was thrown away (I am going to look for the insert again this weekend). The only box I kept was Frogger...I now regret that choice.

I also believe it is the box because I purchased my copy from the same Tuesday Morning in Arlington, TX back in the 80s. Our stories are way too similar to be a hoax.

I hope this helps.

Very interesting, either it's real or he's remembering it differently (it has been almost 30 years, after all).
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