No love for MaximumRD?? :(

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No love for MaximumRD?? :(

Postby Jakenut86 » Sun Feb 22, 2009 11:55 pm

I think Nexttubestarr is a pretty cool Idea but why hasn't he done anything on gaming? I mean yeah I geuss some people get off on Legos but what Rob does is waay cooler, and there are other gaming videos too, why aren't any of these put in the show?? I know Rob said he was submitting a video to the show, and was really hoping he would be put on. He does some great stuff and should have more viewers. Anyways can't wait to see more MaximumRD vid's and hope you get to be the Nexttubestarr!!

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Re: No love for MaximumRD?? :(

Postby MaximumRD » Tue Mar 10, 2009 4:28 pm

Hey it's cool. I admit I was watching each episode thinking "DAMN, where is the promo I submitted?" by the way you can see that anytime, it is that short video where I went through a few systems here:
Hey HAS addressed those asking him "Where's MY video?" and those who well less subtle with "HEY!!!! WHY HAVEN'T YOU SHOWN MY 2144#@!$$@##$@%#@#$!!! VIDEO A-HOLE!!!!????" Of course I did not do that LOL! Though I figured I submitted early on, I am sure he got hundreds of people who submitted even before me so though it seems to be taking a while when you think he is spotlighting 3 submission per show it is not unreasonable to think it may be sometime until mine shows up. Recently he also just informed us all in a new video that his personal job/business has started up 3 weeks early and he is putting in like 50 hour weeks while still trying to work on the show, he does not want to rush it and release something half assed in the meantime. I know myself know my short 10 minute videos take hours believe it or not once you add titles/music/edits etc so I can certainly relate. The way I see it he has offered the Youtube community something, he honestly seems to want to help and promote us all, sure I will be very happy once my promo is shown but I can wait patiently, if it happens awesome, if not, well, who am I to demand anything from this guy? If it turns out he took on too much well his intentions were good.

In the meantime though I am happy to say since I made my thank you video for 60 subscribers I am know up to 80! I am very happy about that and it seems to be growing faster all the time, I believe it is a snowball effect, the more subscribers I get, the more people who subscribe to them are noticing me and so on! It's all good! ALSO, as far as I know I may be mentioned in an upcoming PODCAST! That is right, I gave a "shoutout" about the premier of a new Classic Gaming podcast called RetroGamingRoundup ( ) Mike contacted me and mentioned he planned to mention my YouTube Channel in the March edition of the show, if he does, that should help a lot I think.

So, it's all good, getting better, I may not have hundreds of subscribers (YET LOL!) but for what started as just an outlet for my own personal hobby I am thrilled how it's turning out! I started this knowing I could not be as good as say someone like Angry Video Game Nerd but I knew certainly better than some of those kids who can't keep a camcorder focused for 2 seconds or others who are just trying to imitate or come off like they really give a damn about Classic Gaming so I figured I would just do my best, be honest, not be too gimicky and my true passion and enthusiasm would come through and if others found that cool then great! :2_thumbs_up: I truly feel to that all of my subscribers are QUALITY if not so much in quantity yet, I notice all their comments have been helpful, supportive or genuinly inquisitive, not like all the arguing and put downs and fanboyism I notice on a lot of the other guys comments! I prefer that anyway! :occasion14:
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Re: No love for MaximumRD?? :(

Postby TwinChargers » Tue Mar 10, 2009 10:11 pm

Give it time MaximumRD, pretty soon you won't be able to take the casual walk to the post office to pick up a new system because there will be too many adoring fans stopping you and asking for autographs along the way! You'll get to budge in long lines at the grocery store, you'll eat only the finest of foods, drive only the finest of cars... you'll be like the David Lee Roth of Retro-Gaming!! :headbang:
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