Things people may not know about me...

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Things people may not know about me...

Postby Zap! » Tue Dec 03, 2013 3:44 pm

Seems everyone is doing this, so here's 25 things people may not know about me, and I reserve the right to add more:

1) Despite my love for card games, I have never been to Atlantic City
2) I like my veggies (especially broccoli) super soft. I hate crunchy vegetables.
3) I have never been on a plane, nor a real vacation, unless you count camping for three days or a two-day trip to the Baseball HOF
4) Despite Living in NYC all my life, I have never been to a Broadway play
5) I keep all my money the same way and in order, however, I keep the small bills in the front in my wallet, but while at work it's the opposite (big bills in front)
6) I am not a picky eater in the least (I'll eat tongue, stomach, you name it), but I can't drink white milk because it tastes awful
7) I have been into sasquatch's since I was 3, when I saw it on an episode of The Six Million Dollar Man
8) I prefer extreme heat, high humidity, and no wind, but I am no fan of artificial heat (indoors), as it stuffs up my nose
9) I think Italian food is vastly over-rated, despite being 100%
10) At 24, while taking the bus to visit someone in the hospital, I had a bad knee from karate, and sometimes complained. I thought about the elderly, and those who were dying who would love to be my age with a little injury. Since that day I have never complained about pain or a sickness since.
11) I am pretty emotionless, and never show them in front of anyone. Only two people know why.
12) I never blow my nose unless it's in front of a mirror
13) I despise Black Friday and all that it stands for
14) Independence Day is easily my favorite holiday of the year
15) I'm a big fan of politics
16) Baseball is easily my favorite sport, and Lou Gehrig is by far my all-time favorite player
17) I am absolutely repulsed by the miserable season of the Fall. From dead leaves that mess up everything, to not knowing if you should wear a jacket or not because of "in-between" weather, to being so far away from the Summer, it is just hands down the most disgusting time of the year!
18) I used to be heavily into weird pets when I was around 13. I had turtles, tortoises, newts, frogs, etc., but my favorite were snakes. I was obsessed with them, and studied about them daily.
19) I am in to classic video gaming. I own 30 systems, 1,000+ games, 500+ magazines, an online site, and have had my name appear in three different gaming mags. I hold a world record in Monster Lair, and wrote my own newsletter when I was just 18. I own certain games which are almost priceless.
20) I am such a huge fan of The Wedding Singer and Coyote Ugly that I have to watch them at least twice a year (I saw both in the movies as well)
21) I am a master at dates. I know when I started (and finished) every job I have ever had. You are free to argue movie years (or anything else with a particular date) with me, but you will lose.
22) I can catch flies with my hands. There is a certain trick to this, and my father taught it to me when I was 6. He was also a master in this art.
23) I can put my hand around my ankle
24) Embarrassing to admit, but up until I was 23, I thought every state was surrounded by water (yeah yeah, it looks that way on the map)
25) When opening Spanish olives, I will sip a bit of the juice
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