Want, Buy, Trade: List

Looking for something in particular? Want to sell an extra game? Trade something you no longer want?

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Want, Buy, Trade: List

Postby nensondubois » Tue May 18, 2010 11:37 pm

I *do* have more games for trade, if you want a specific game just ask and I might be able to sell it if I have it. I have over 4,000 games. I just don't know what to list.

This is not my complete want list

Demonstration Test Disc Release October 2001
October 2001
January 2001
March 2002
Version 17, 19
Gamecube Service Disc
1080 Bonus Disc
Soul Calibur 2 Demo Disc
Pac-Man Vs. Club Nintendo Japan
Tower of Druaga Japan
Zelda Collection Japan
Metal Gear Demo Japan
NCAA College Basketball 2K3
Phantasy Star Online Episodes I and II (Original, not plus edition)
Resident Evil 10th Anniversary Collection
Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker [w/ Ocarina of Time/Master Quest)
Doshin the Giant (Japan)
KuruKuru Squash (Japan)
Ikaruga HAVE NOW
Naruto: Clash of Ninja 2 (Demo Disc)
PAL Demos
Japanese Demos

*Mr. Gimmick (No pirates)*
Super Mario Bros. 1
Super Mario Bros. 3
Pulse line Games (Except English Baseball, gomokunarabre and Mario Bros.)
Fire Emblem
Famicom Wars
Super Mario World JY 4 in 1 (Looking for both versions)
Family Trainer: Manhattan Cop
Mappy Kids HAVE NOW
Rolling Thunder HAVE NOW
Sangokushi - Chuugen no Hasha
Sangokushi 2 - Haou no Tairiku HAVE NOW
Just Breed HAVE NOW
Metal Slader Glory
Tetris & Bombliss HAVE NOW
Hello Kitty World (Original Balloon Kid Game Boy)

Famicom Disks:
3D World runner
Clu Clu Land
Block Kuzushi HAVE NOW
Time Twist
Family Composer
Fire Bam
Egger Land
Bio Miracle Upa

Action 52
Cheetahmen 2
Jurney to Silius
Jurrasic Park
Super Spy Hunter
Street Cop
Mario Is Missing HAVE NOW
Mario's time Machine
Melville Flame
Mario Bros Classic (E) (PAL)
Stat Wars
Tengen Tetris HAVE NOW
Mega Man 3
Mega Man 4

Game Boy:
Pokemon Green
Game Boy Camera: Gold Zelda Edition
Bomberman Collection
Mega Man 4

Sega Genesis
6 Pac Compilation
Streets of Rage 1,2 and 3
Comix Zone
Sonic Compilation
ToeJam and Earl
The Pagemaster
Flashback: The Quest for Identity HAVE NOW
Menacer 6-in 1 with Gun
Action 52 HAVE NOW
Olympic Summer Games HAVE NOW
Winter Olympic Games: Lillihammer 94
Game Genie HAVE NOW

Virtual Boy:
Jack Bros. (CIB)
Nester's Funky Bowling (CIB)
Space Invaders (CIB)
WaterWorld (CIB)
3D Tetris (CIB)
Polyblock (CIB)
V-Tetris (CIB)
Virtical Force (CIB)
Virtual Bowling (CIB)
Insmouse no Yakata (CIB)
Panic Bomber (CIB)
Golf (CIB)

N64: (Japan)
64DD Console
Mario Paint Studio games (Polygon and Talent)
Super Mario 64 Rumble Edition
Super Smash Bros. Diaranto Smash Bros.)
Mario Story (Paper Mario)
Animal Forest HAVE NOW

Shuttle Puck Cafe

Comic Bakery
Wheel of Fortune

Super Famicom:
Super Mario Collection
Super Mario RPG
Chrono trigger Pre-release
Undake 30: Same Game Mario Version
The Mahjong Touhaiden
Neugier: Umi to Kaze no Koudou
Yoshi no Kuruppon: Oven de Cookie (Yoshi's Cookie is also included)
New Yatterman
Mario no Super Picross
Theme Park

StarFox/Donkey Kong Competition Cart
Chrono Trigger
Harley's Humongous Adventure
Looney Tunes B-Ball
Harvest Moon
Kirby's Dream Land 3
Top Gear 2
Flinstones Movie
Mortal Kombat 1 2 and 3
Rocko's Modern Life
Pac-Man 2
Yoshi's Safari
Pagemaster Prototype
Miracle Piano Teaching System
Timon and Pumbaa's Jungle Games

Animal Crossing NES Card 1 and 2
Animal Crossing PR Link Promo

Famicom Mini games
Mother 3

Mario's Game Gallery

Game Boy Gallery Musics
Pac-Man Fever
Nintendo All-Star
or anything on my wishlist: http://vgmdb.net/db/marketplace.php?do= ... serid=4775

Playstation 1
Any Demos (I have most of the NTSC library already)
Metal Gear
Ridge Racer Revolution
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
Fighting Force
Parrapper the Rapper
Developer's Demo

Playstation 2
Any Demos (Specifically the one(s) where they show you a CD making factory)

Sega Saturn:
Crime Wave
Daytona Championship
Die Hard Arcade
Three Dirty Dwarves
Virtual Cop 2
Theme Park

Thunder Castle
Intellivoice module

I'd either buy them or trade some stuff:

I *do* have more games for trade, if you want a specific game just ask and I might be able to sell it if I have it. I have over 4,000 games. I just don't know what to list.

Strikeouts mean that I have the item but It's not currently for sale unless a for a good trade or high offer.

Trade/For sale

Mario Kart Double Dash Bonus disk $15

*Earthbound (Excellent condition saves.) $125 Or will trade for a CIB Famicom Gimmick!*
Super Mario RPG (Saves great condition) $80

Game Boy Color:
Pokemon Trading Card Game

Game Boy:
Pokemon Blue (new Battery replaced by me)

Bikkurimn World - Geteitou Sei Senshi
Maikyuu Kumikoyo
Namco Fighting Game
Circus Charlie
Takeshi no San goku Fuuumko
ASCII The Best Play Baseball special
(Red Cart) Bandai Wrestling
Shin Megami Tensie II: Digital Devil Story (Cart Only, saves perfectly)
Final Lap (Cart Only)

Famicom Disks:
F1 Race
Kaettika Mari Bros. (return of Mario Bros. (High value)
Image Image Image