FS/FT PS1 Manuals

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FS/FT PS1 Manuals

Postby Jimpoleshuk » Tue Jan 05, 2010 8:34 am

Long Box:

Battle Arena Toshinden (x4)
Bottom of the 9th
College Slam
Decent (x2)(1 missing back cover, 1 with rental sticker)
ESPN Extreme games (rental sticker)
Hard Ball 5
John Madden Football player ratings
Jupitor Strike
Krazy Ivan (x2)
NFL Gameday (x2) neither great
NBA Live
NBA Jam T.E.
Need For Speed
Raiden Project (rental sticker and folded)
Return Fire (rough)
Striker 96
Thunder Strike (rental sticker and folded)
Top Gun
Total Eclipse Turbo
VR Soccer '96
Wrestle Mania
Zero Divide


ACE Combat 2
Air Combat
All-Star Slammin\' D-Ball (x 2)
Arcades Greatest hits Atari Collection 2
Armored Core
Army men 3D
Atari Anniversary ED Redux
ATV Quad power racing
Barbie Race & Ride
Barbie Super Sports
Battle Arena Toshinden 2
Big Race USA
Caesars Palace
Classics games from the Intellivision (x2)
Code Tenka
Cool Boaders 3
Crash Bash
Crash Dandicoot Warped (3d thingy)
CTR Crash Team Racing
Cyber Tiger
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX
Ducati World
Dukes of Hazzard
Dune 2000
F1 2000
FiFa 2000
FiFA 2001
FIFA road to World Cup 98
Fighting Force
Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy IX Play online insert
Final Fantasy Tactics
Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy VII mini Walkthrough
Galaga Destination Earth
Gan Turismo reference manual
Granstream Saga
Gran Turismo
Gran Turismo
Gran Turismo 2 Reference Manual (x2)
Great Valley Racing Adventure
Hot Shot Golf 2 player chart
IHRA Drag Racing
Incredible Crisis (x2)
Iron & Blood
Italian Job
Jimmy White's Cueball 2
Killing Zone
Kiss Pinball
Legend of Dragoon
Marvel vs Capcom
Medal of Honor
Megaman X5
MLB 2000
Mortal Kombat Trilogy
Motocross mania
Namco Museum
Nascar 98
NCAA Final Four 99
NCAA Football 2000
NCAA Football Gamebreaker
Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed
NFL Extreme
NFL Gameday 98
NFL Gameday 99
NFL Gameday 2004
ODT Escape or Die tring
Omega Boost
PGA Tour 97
Raman 2
Rascal (torn back cover)
Ready 2 Rumble
Resident evil 3
Re Volt (video Warehouse)
Rising Zan
Shadow Man
Small Soldiers
South park
Soviet Strike
Space Jam
Spec Ops Ranger Elite
Spec ops Stealth Patrol
Spin Jam
Spryo Year of the Dragon
Star Gladiator
Street Racer
Team Rocket Rescue
Tenchu 2
Tomb Raider II
Tony Hawks Proskater (x 2)
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (x 2)
Triple Play
Triple Play 2001
Urban Chaos
Vandal Hearts
War Games Defcon 1
World Cup 98
Worms World Party
WWF Smack Down
YDK Jack Mock 2 (rental sticker)
you don\'t know jack

I have some PS2 and Xbox, 3DO that I'll list out eventually too.
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